Professional Setup;

A guitars playabillity relies on many factors, all of which need checking and possible adjustment. For most guitars a "Professional setup" is the best approach.

⦁ Fret level
⦁ Fret dress, Recrown and Fret polish
⦁ Nut height adjustment
⦁ Saddle adjustment, height and intonation.
⦁ Truss rod adjustment
⦁ Floating bridge adjustment



If you wish to change your fret size or your frets are too worn and need replacing, you may need to opt for a total or partial refret. Upgrading your frets to some Dunlop jumbo frets can change an average playing guitar into a blues players dream.

All fret sizes catored for.
A total refret, includes a "Pro Setup"


Body Cavity Shielding;

One further option is to line all cavities within your guitar body with copper. This process creates a "Faraday cage" and prevents unwanted radio wave interference. This option is great for home recording and live work, where a clean signal is important.
⦁ All cavities copper lined, including rear of scratchplate.
⦁ Grounding checked

Upgrading, Servicing and General Repair

Any part of a guitar can be upgraded, tuners, pickups, tone pots etc. Just drop me an email to discuss what you'd like done.
Does your guitar need an MOT?
I will clean the fret board, polish all frets, oil the fret board, fine clean and polish the whole guitar, including hardwear. Clean electrics if needed. Replace strings. Check the guitar for any faults and advise accordingly.


All repair work is different, so please just drop me an email outlining the issue and we'll take it from there. If I can help, I'll be glad to.


Bone Upgrade

Upgrade your guitar to a bone nut and/or saddle, for increased tone and sustain. All bone upgrades are bespoke and handmade by myself.


Nut height and nut slot depth are very important factors in a guitar setup. Having the correct action over the first fret ensures comfortable feeling open chords. To achieve the best tone, half the diameter on the string should be showing above the nut.

Staines, Finishes and Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Building a project guitar and need that super gloss finish?
Replacement bare wood bodies and necks, finnished to your requirements. Finish repairs also undertaken.
⦁ Flamed grain and raised grain staining
⦁ oil finishes
⦁ Authentic nitrocellulose laqure

Bespoke Builds

The guitar market is full of quality parts, giving you the option to create your own guitar, with the parts YOU want! You create it, I'll build it for you.

Just drop me an email to discuss your plans or for any assistance.


From time to time, if surplus parts allow, I build "one off" guitars. These guitars are often a mixed bag of quality parts and always play brilliantly.

Check the "for sale" section to see if any are in stock at the moment.