a little bit about me................

Back in 2001, I became a fully qualified sound engineer, graduating from Plymouth University. Since then I have worked in many recording studios in the London and Essex areas. I have covered roles such as, guitar technician, assistant engineer, through to main in-house recording engineer.  Later to be chosen as the main recording engineer for "Red Letter Days" recording experiences.

Love of the Guitar!
I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. I'm mainly a blues/rock player, influenced by Clapton, Page, Moore, Vaugan, Prince etc. Along with other artists such as, the Beatles, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills and Nash etc. , who perform more finger picking styles of play. To play like these artists, you need to have a guitar that works really well and the trick to a guitar playing well, is all about the FRETWORK!

For me, low action is the main objective. Low action, or "string height" enables a guitar to be easier, faster and more enjoyable to play. Achieving low action is just one of a number of many other factors of the guitar, all of which need to be addressed, saddle height, nut height, truss rod and the frets themselves.


By levelling frets, along with a professional set up, a guitar can become greater than the sum of its parts and play like a dream.
I've refurbished and refretted many, of what would be considered a "low end" guitars and transformed them into lovely playing instruments. With much better action height and playability than off the shelf, top brands.

A professional guitar setup takes skill, time and care. Many top end guitar makers just haven't got the resources to carry this out to the best of their abilities. Many guitar shops / retailers are not allowed, by the manufacturer, to tamper with the setup of guitars either. So, that lovely new guitar you've just bought, straight of the shelf, could play so much better with a professional set up. This is where I come in. Check out my services page to see where a can help you.