My forte is in the fine art of fretwork, through refretting, fret dressing and a professional guitar setup. However, many other repair services are available, please see "services page".


All repair work is carried out by myself, a qualified sound engineer for the past 15 years and more importantly, a guitarist for over 30 years!

I offer a free assessment service. Once I have established what can be done to your guitar to improve it, I can then present you with a report.

No work will be carried out without your prior approval.


If you already know the work you would like undertaken,  just let me know.


Advice is free of charge! 

I understand how precious a guitar can be and treat all repairs  as  if I were repairing one of my own guitars.

  • Refretting
  • Fret level
  • Upgrade installation
  • Bone nut/saddle upgrade
  • Fall away
  • Fret dress, recrown and fret polish
  • Nut height adjustment
  • Saddle adjustment, height and intonation.
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Floating bridge adjustment
  • Body cavity shielding
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer, staines and finishes
  • Plus lots more!

A professional guitar setup takes skill, time and care. Many top end guitar makers just haven't got the resources to carry this out to the best of their abilities. Many guitar shops / retailers are not allowed, by the manufactuer, to tamper with the setup of guitars either.


So, that lovely new guitar you've just bought, straight off the shelf, could play so much better with a professional set up.


From simply a new set of strings fitted, to complete restorations, however I can help?

I'd be happy to do so!

Just drop me an email or call to get the ball rolling, Many thanks!

Please use the contact form or email :